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Tri-Ply Bottom Stockpots

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Bayou Classic® offers a durable staple for any outdoor cooking or homebrewing function; Tri-Ply Stockpots.  Featuring a 3.0 to 3.5-mm aluminum core encased in 2.0-mm stainless steel, Tri-Ply bottom stockpots ensure uniform heat distribution to prevent hot spots and scorching.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tri-Ply Bottom Stockpots:  Stainless - Aluminum - Stainless
  • Low side indentation for supporting False Bottoms and Steam Trays
  • Vented Lid


Available in 8,10,and 16-gallon sizes:

1308, 8-gal, 5.0-mm Tri-Ply Bottom, 12-in diameter x 17.24-in height

1310, 10-gal, 5.0-mm Tri-Ply Bottom, 13.6-in diameter x 16-in height 

1316, 16-gal, 5.5-mm Tri-Ply Bottom, 15.6-in diameter x 19.5-in height 


Stainless Steel Cookware Product Manual click here