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2-pc Stainless Roux Spoons

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The Bayou Classic® Stainless Spoon Set is ideal for making roux, sauces, and gravies. Angled, blunt-end spoons function as stirrer, scraper, and server. The long handle spoons reach into corners, along edges and bottoms of pots. The large perforated spoon lifts and drains food from sauces. The solid spoon with 3-in wide bowl, serves larger items, from vegetables to meatballs to shrimp etouffee. Perfect compliment to Bayou cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and stainless stockpots.

Features & Benefits:

2-pc Stainless Spoon Set, 16.5-in long handle, with 3-in wide bowl

Angled, blunt-ends to stir roux, sauce, and gravy

Perforated spoon to lift and drain food

Solid spoon for shrimp creole and etouffee