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Stainless Economy Brew Kettles

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Join the national rage for Homebrewing using affordable Bayou Classic® Brew Equipment & make your own craft beer a reality!  

Perfect for "brew in a bag" or malt extract homebrewing

Also use as a standard stockpot for boiling shrimp, seafood, peanuts, and vegetables

Large batch cooking of soups, stews, chili, and gumbo

Stainless Economy Stockpot with Domed Lid

Features & Benefits:

All Stainless construction for no interaction with acid wort

Side Calibrations in gallon/quart

Heavy-Duty Welded Handles for secure handling of stockpot 

Available in 20, 30, and 40-Qt

1420, 20-qt / 5-gal, 11.7-in Diameter x 11.25-in Height

1430, 30-qt / 7.5-gal, 13.25-in Diameter x 12.5-in Height

1440, 40-qt / 10-gal, 14.875-in Diameter x 16-in Height


Stainless Steel Cookware Product Manual click here