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Stainless Grill Tool

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The Bayou Classic® Stainless Grill Tool is a versatile utensil for use with every grill. Clean grill wire, top and bottom, with a single stroke. Lift standard wire grates or heavy cast iron grates. Spread hot coals prior to grilling. Adjust hot grill vents. The Grill Tool also moonlights as a garden tool - so while waiting for dinner to cook, the handy backyard chef can pull weeds!

Features & Benefits:

18-in Heavy-Gauge Stainless Grill Tool

Curved side notch cleans grill wire, top and bottom, with a single stroke

The V-shaped end cleans and lifts grill grates, and spreads hot coals

The angled handle end is used to lift heavy cast iron grill grates

Safely adjust hot grill vents

Easy to clean



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