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Laissez les bons temps rouler

Bayou Wok Set

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Turn on the Fry-Day Night Lights in your back yard with the Bayou Classic Wok Cooker Set.  Pan fry or stir-fry delicious vibrant culinary fare.  Add a festive crowd and you have all the ingredients needed to create your own distinctive vibe.

Bayou Wok Set includes:

21-in Tall, High Pressure Cooker

4-in Cast Aluminum Burner - 41,000 BTUs
14-in Cooking Surface
21-in Tall Welded Frame
360 degree Windscreen Protection
Heat Resistant Paint
5-psi Adjustable Regulator
36-in Stainless Braided LPG Hose
Functionally designed for stockpots 12-in diameter to 24-qt

Steel Flat Bottom Wok
Wide 15.5-in Diameter x 4-in Deep
Flat bottom sets flush against cooking surface
Sloping sides keep food over heat source and facilitate tossing
Carbon Steel Wok disperses heat quickly and evenly

12-in Wooden Roux Spoon
Beech Hardwood 
Blunt end to stir roux, sauces, and gravies
Ideal for wok and discada cooking