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Stainless Bayou® Boilers with Baskets

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Similar to a pirogue gliding through still water filled with sacks of crawfish, Stainless Bayou® Boilers bring the heart and soul of Cajun country to your backyard.

Bayou Boilers are the traditional stockpots for backyard crawfish boils. Full-Size Basket maximizes the stockpot capacity for large batch cooking. Locking Helper Handle enables steady lifting and draining of crawfish, crabs, shrimp, lobster, low country boil, and peanuts. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Heavy Welded Handles
  • Basket with Reinforced Helper Handle
  • Helper Handle Simplifies Lifting and Emptying Large Basket
  • Locking Feature on Helper Handle Enables Basket to Set on Top of Stockpot for Draining
  • Domed, Vented Lid Prevents Vapor Lock When Boiling

Available in 82-qt, 102-qt, 122-qt, 142, and 162-qt

1182, 82-qt Stockpot, 19.625-in Diameter x 19.875-in Height

1102, 102-qt Stockpot

1122, 122-qt Stockpot, 21.375-in Diameter x 19-in Height

1142, 142-qt Stockpot, 21.375-in Diameter x 23.5-in Height 

1162, 162-qt Stockpot, 24.375-in Diameter x 21.875-in Height


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