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42-qt Grand Gobbler

$ 89.00




As Fall Turkey Frying Season approaches, we would like to properly introduce the GRAND GOBBLER!  Specifically designed to fry your larger Thanksgiving turkeys - up to 25 pounds. 

This versatile stockpot can also be used for large batch outdoor cooking of shrimp, crabs, corn, peanuts, and low country boil.

42-Qt. Aluminum Stockpot with Vented Lid

Poultry Rack & Lift Hook

12-in Stainless Fry Thermometer

2-oz Seasoning Injector with Stainless Needle

Protective Leather Glove

Features & Benefits:

Vented Lid prevents vapor lock when boiling

Heavy-Duty Riveted Handles for secure handling of stockpot

Perforated Poultry Rack designed to create a circular flow of oil through & around the cavity during frying

Right Hand Glove, made of select-grain leather, protects from hot oil as you lower & lift the turkey

12-in Stainless Fry Thermometer enables you to monitor optimal frying temperature

2-oz Seasoning Injector is ideal for infusing your favorite seasonings into the turkey prior to cooking

manufactured under U.S. Patent # 5,758,569 & 5,896,810

Aluminum Cookware Manual: click here



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