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Bayou Brew & Boil Set

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Designed for Versatility, this multi-purpose stockpot lets you - Brew, Steam, and Boil! 

10-gal (40-qt) Stainless Stockpot with Tri-Ply Bottom and Domed Lid

Perforated Basket

Stainless Thermometer with brew ranges

Stainless Ball Valve

Stainless False Bottom Screen

Stainless Tube-Shaped Filter Screen

Bulkhead Plug

Heat Shield


Features & Benefits:

All Stainless Steel construction for no interaction with acid wort

5-mm Tri-Ply Bottom Stockpot, Stainless - Aluminum - Stainless

Side Calibrations in gallons/quarts

Low Side Indentation to support false bottom

Heavy Welded Handles for secure handling of stockpot

Stainless Thermometer with 3-in easy to read dial face indicating brew ranges 

Stainless Ball Valve has 1/2-in FNPT threaded interior & exterior opening

Stainless False Bottom Screen sets 3.35-in above bottom of pot

Stainless Tube-Shaped Filter Screen attaches to inner spigot

Bulkhead Fittings for easy attachment of thermometer & spigot for a water-tight seal


Stainless Steel Cookware Product Manual: click here